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Heavy Metal Accumulation by Certain Aquatic Macrophytes from Lake Sevan (Armenia)
General contamination of heavy metals in the environment is a major global concern, which has provoked the emergence of phytoremediation technologies for cleaning aquatic environment. Heavy metalsExpand
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High-resolution satellite remote sensing of littoral vegetation of Lake Sevan (Armenia) as a basis for monitoring and assessment
Physics-based remote sensing in littoral environments for ecological monitoring and assessment is a challenging task that depends on adequate atmospheric conditions during data acquisition, sensorExpand
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Characterization of Mosquito Larval Habitats and Assessment of Insecticide-Resistance Status of Anopheles gambiae senso lato in Urban Areas in Southwestern Ghana
ABSTRACT: The study was carried out to characterize potential larval habitats in the city of Sekondi with the aim of assessing the relative importance of anthropogenic and natural water bodies asExpand
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Accuracy assessment of supervised classification of submersed macrophytes: the case of the Gavaraget region of Lake Sevan, Armenia
The necessity of assessing the accuracy of spatial data derived from remote sensing methods and used in geographic information system (GIS) analyses has been regarded as a critical component of manyExpand
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Water Quality Status of Tono and Vea Reservoirs for Aquaculture Development in the Upper East Region of Ghana
Understanding aquatic ecosystem dynamics is fundamental to sustainable development of aquaculture. This study explores the water quality characteristics over temporal and spatial scale in Tono andExpand
Reviewing Lake Sevan's surface area using remote sensing & GIS techniques
Lake surface area affects the wave height of both surface and interna) waves, lake stratification and maximum depth, the thickness of epilimnion, as well as the potential number of plants, fish, andExpand
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Mapping of water constituents in high mountainous Lake Sevan (Armenia)
Methods of remote sensing are increasingly common techniques for the support of environmental and commercial projects. Different sensors with different spatial and spectral characteristics and theirExpand
Development of assessment tools for Lake Sevan (Armenia) by the application of remote sensing data and geographic information systems (GIS) techniques
Lake Sevan is the biggest source of water in Armenia. Its littoral zone, in addition to being a food source and a substrate for macrophytes, algae and invertebrates, provide refuge and spawningExpand