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Suppressive effects of magnesium oxide materials on cadmium uptake and accumulation into rice grains II: Suppression of cadmium uptake and accumulation into rice grains due to application of
The objective of this study is to assess the applicability of a commercial magnesium oxide (MgO) and a composite material containing MgO and natural minerals ('MgO-SH-A') as the soil amendments forExpand
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Xylophagous termites depending on atmospheric nitrogen
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Endogenous Cannabinoid Receptor Agonists Inhibit Neurogenic Inflammations in Guinea Pig Airways
Background: Although neurogenic inflammation via the activation of C fibers in the airway must have an important role in the pathogenesis of asthma, their regulatory mechanism remains uncertain.Expand
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Evolutionary Relationships Among Food Habit, Loss of Flight, and Reproductive Traits: Life-History Evolution in the Silphinae (Coleoptera: Silphidae)
Abstract Flightlessness in insects is generally thought to have evolved due to changes in habitat environment or habitat isolation. Loss of flight may have changed reproductive traits in insects, butExpand
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Flight capabilities and feeding habits of silphine beetles: are flightless species really “carrion beetles”?
We determined the flight capabilities and feeding habits of adults of nine silphine beetle species and illustrated their relationship. We examined the silphine beetles for the presence or absence ofExpand
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Radiation budget, soil heat flux and latent heat flux at the forest floor in warm, temperate mixed forest
Seasonal changes in the radiation budget and soil heat flux of a forest floor were measured in a mixed forest located in Kyoto, Japan. The basal area at breast height in the survey forest was aboutExpand
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NADPH-diaphorase activity in the sympathetic preganglionic neurons of the filefish, Stephanolepis cirrhifer
Enzyme histochemistry combined with horseradish peroxidase retrograde tracing demonstrated NADPH-diaphorase activity in the spinal sympathetic preganglionic neurons in the spinal cord of theExpand
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