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Synthesis, anti-fungal and 1,3-β-D-glucan synthase inhibitory activities of caffeic and quinic acid derivatives.
The results suggest that further investigation on caffeic acid derivatives may lead to the discovery of novel anti-fungal agents with drug-like properties. Expand
Thermal decomposition of halon alternatives
Abstract 2 H -Heptafluoropropane, trifluormodomethane, trifluorobromomethane, perfluorotriethylamine, N,N -bis(tri-fluoromethyl)2 H -tetrafluoroethylamme, N,NExpand
Electrochemical fluorination of ethanethiol.
The electrochemical fluorination of ethanethiol has been carried out. A number of new fluoroalkyl sulfur compounds have been isolated and characterized.
Separation of methyl parathion and fenitrothion metabolites by liquid chromatography
Unusual bonding in trisilaallene and related heavy allenes.
Using DFT calculations and PMO theory, the origin of the bent and fluxional skeleton of the heavy allenes is ascribed to the Jahn-Teller distortion associated with the effective pi-sigma* mixing (pi-s Sigma* distortion). Expand
Persistent Dialkylsilanone Generated by Dehydrobromination of Dialkylbromosilanol.
The silanone remains intact in [D8 ]toluene below -80 °C for at least two days, while it undergoes unprecedented isomerization to give a siloxysilene by means of 1,3-silyl migration at higher temperatures. Expand
Activation of the C-F bond: transformation of CF3N=N- into 5-azidotetrazoles.
Detailed investigation on the syntheses and characterizations of 5-azidotetrazoles have been carried out and new synthetic routes towards energetic compounds continues to be a topic of significant interest in synthetic chemistry. Expand
New isolable dialkylsilylene and its isolable dimer that equilibrate in solution.
Analysis of the percent buried volume showed that the flexible steric bulkiness of the alkyl substituent of 3 and 4 allows the reversible dimerization of silylene 3 to disilene 4 and the isolation of both species. Expand
Interfacial properties and emulsion stability in fluorinated oil—non-fluorinated oil—surfactant(s) systems
Abstract The formation of interfaces and emulsions in systems comprising perfluoromethyldecalin (PFMD) and non-fluorinated oils with different polarities was investigated. The measured interfacialExpand