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Acarology: Mites and Human Welfare
Acarology - An Overview Subclass Acari - A Characterization Arachnid Relatives Past and Present Size, Integument and Tagmatosis Gnathosoma Musculature and Legs Digestive System Circulatory System
A new genus and species of oribatid mite (Acari: Liacaroidea, Metrioppiidae)
After comparing this mite with other known genera, it is considered to be a new genus and a new species in the family Metrioppiidae.
Abiotic and Biotic Factors in Litter Decomposition in a Sermiarid Grassland
Decomposition of grass leaf litter was studied on a shortgrass prairie using chemicals (HgC12 and CuSO4) to prevent microbial activity (abiotic treatment), 53-/im nylon mesh to exclude mesofauna
Taxonomy of Oribatid Mites — Retrospect and Prospect
Ross (1971) considers systematics as the oldest of the sciences because it began with man’s lingual classification of things in his experience and must be modified as new data and interpretations are disclosed.