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Measurement of true salicylate concentrations in serum from patients with Reye's syndrome.
It is found that salicylate concentrations of 0.2 g/L displaced [16-14C]palmitate binding to protein more in Reye's syndrome patients than in Rey's syndrome survivors or children with influenza, suggesting the presence of atypical binding characteristics for saliylate and palmitate in the acute disorder but not in survivors orChildren with influenza. Expand
Variability in the phenotypic expression of abnormal sarcosine metabolism in a family
Findings provide indirect evidence that sarcosine formation may be affected by two additional components besides the apo moiety of sarcOSine dehydrogenase, the availability of tetrahydrofolic acid as a one carbon unit carrier and the integrity of the transmethylase which catalyzes the direct transmethylation of glycine to sarcosines. Expand