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Assessment of Body Image in Younger and Older Women
ABSTRACT Body image was compared in younger versus older women using questionnaires and women's responses to fatter and thinner images of their own bodies versus responses to line drawings of bodiesExpand
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Recovery from anorexia nervosa includes neural compensation for negative body image.
OBJECTIVE To examine whether frontal lobe mediated regulation of emotion permits women to recover from anorexia nervosa (AN). METHOD Brain activity associated with the disruption of working memoryExpand
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More is less: Emotion induced prefrontal cortex activity habituates in aging
Several recent studies have documented age-related changes in brain activity--less amygdala activity and higher prefrontal activity in response to emotional stimuli. Using functional magneticExpand
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Estrogen modifies arousal but not memory for emotional events in older women
Emotional arousal and the affective content of events influence memory. These effects shift with age such that older people find negative information less arousing and remember proportionately moreExpand
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Hormone therapy does not modify emotion-induced brain activity in older women
Sex hormones have actions in brain regions important for emotion, including the amygdala and prefrontal cortex. Previous studies have shown that cyclic sex hormones and hormone therapy afterExpand
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Prefrontal regulation of body image in aging and recovery from anorexia nervosa
In addition to characterizing body image in these samples, the goals for this dissertation were to examine affective responses to bodies and to examine how affective regulation of body image affectsExpand