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Filling the Empty: An Unnoticed Pun in James 2.20-23
The style of James’s epistle receives much acclaim. Among other techniques like alliteration and rhythm, James enjoys a play on words. I propose that James puns on the concept of “filling” with threeExpand
An Early Reader of James? Ethical Parallels between the Epistle and 2 Enoch
The letter of James remains an enigma in many ways, including its immediate reception. Another enigmatic work, 2 Enoch, though vastly different in temperament and form, contains numerous ethicalExpand
A Pagan Prophetess of the Jewish God: Religious Identity and Hellenization in the Third Sibyl
From a modern point of view, the mixture of Hellenism and Judaism in Sibylline Oracles 3 might appear paradoxical, but not so for the author. It is possible to analyze Jewish religious identity andExpand
Primeval History According to Paul: "In Adam" and "In Christ" in Romans
PRIMEVAL HISTORY ACCORDING TO PAUL: “IN ADAM” AND “IN CHRIST” IN ROMANS Timothy A. Gabrielson, B.S., B.S., M.A. Marquette University, 2016 Paul’s comparison of Adam and Christ in Rom 5:12–21 is amongExpand
Parting Ways or Rival Siblings? A Review and Analysis of Metaphors for the Separation of Jews and Christians in Antiquity
Since the early 1990s, ‘the parting of the ways’ has become academic shorthand, especially in anglophone scholarship, for the separation of Jews and Christians in antiquity. Often it is associatedExpand