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Indirect determination of the displacement components in an electric motor drive
High technological process quality requires the use of deviation closed-loop systems and the formation of appropriate informational support for a control process. The article discusses two approachesExpand
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Ways to decrease losses in electric drives and improvement of electrical safety during their service
A list of recommendations to increase the energy efficiency of an electric drive by decreasing the total losses has been given. Three ways in which an energy-saving drive can be developed have beenExpand
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Circuits of a pulse-vector controlling alternate current motor drive
A system of classification for methods for pulse-vector controlling ac drives is presented. The resource and energy efficiency are considered in electric drives using pulse-vector control systemsExpand
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Energoinformatics of a Gearless Mechatronic Systems
Energoinformatics is a complex science studying energy-information exchange (interaction) in various animate and inanimate systems, with its subject being computer-controlled mechanical movements. Expand
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A mechatronic data component
The development of high-tech industries, including the aerospace industry, radio electronics, and the nuclear industry, has led to progress in microelectronics that allowed development of “smart”Expand
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Mathematical description of sensorless pulse-vector control system of asynchronous motor at constant voltage supply
Sensorless control of Electric Drives is quite relevant according to the SciVal system data. Indirect determination of the rotor angular position in pulse-vector control systems with wound rotorExpand
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Mathematical model of induction motor with Series-Connected stator and rotor windings
Impulse-vector control system for alternating current drives is used to create the current of the same frequency in the rotor and the stator, i.e. to exclude motor slip. Expand
Differential twin-engine automobile electric drive
This article considers work stability of a system with two-channel regulation of an autonomous electric drive's speed, where the first channel is a high-torque drive where the engine is connected through a gear unit with reducing transfer factor; and the second – high-speed with the similar motor is directly connected. Expand
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Analysis of indicators of regulation in the schemes with subordinate regulation and modal control of electric drive of a feed for a cold rolling tube-mill
The article is devoted to the issue of selection of the preferred structure of positional electric drive of feed for a cold rolling tube-mill on the criterion of minimum feed overshoot and as aExpand