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Aging is characterized by a decreased secretion of thyroid hormones in rats associated with unchanged plasma TSH suggestive of impairments in the hypothalamo-pituitary-thyroid axis. Since it is known that pituitary T3 is more determinant on TSH secretion than plasma T3, we measured in young (4 months) and old (26 months) male rats the concentration of T3 in(More)
2-n-Butyl-3-(4'-diethylaminoethoxy-3',5'-diiodobenzoyl)-benzofurane (amiodarone), a drug used in arrythmias and angina pectoris, contains 75 mg of organic iodine/200 mg active substance. Four studies were performed to test its effect on thyroid hormone metabolism: (a) nine male subjects were treated with 400 mg of amiodarone for 28 days; (b) five male(More)
Thyroid function was studied for 42 days in 58 patients, 28 of whome had euthyroid goiter, after urography (diatrizoic acid), cholangiography (ioglycamic acid), and cholecystography (Naiopanoate). After urography and cholangiography short-lived increases of the serum thyroxine occurred in a few patients, but the mean thyroxine and triiodothyronine(More)
Thyroid disorders are known to manifest occasionally as isolated psychiatric disorders. In order to determine whether thyroid dysfunctions could play a significant role in the pathogenesis of psychiatric disorders in the elderly, the prevalence of thyroid disorders was compared in a group of psychogeriatric patients and in a group of nonpsychiatric elderly(More)
The pattern of secretion of plasma ACTH, hGH, TSH, LH, FSH and cortisol was studied in 12 menstrual cycles, representing 5 normal volunteers. Results were plotted by taking the LH-FSH midcycle peak as day 0. The typical menstrual cyclic LH and FSH pattern was observed in each case. ACTH, cortisol and hGH varied significantly throughout the menstrual cycle.(More)
The sex-related differences observed in the regulation of TSH secretion was further investigated by determination of the densities of T3 nuclear and TRH membrane receptors as well as the activity of 5'-deiodinase (5'D) in the anterior pituitary gland of adult male and female rats. The respective modulatory roles of androgens and estrogens on these(More)
An influence of thyroid status on the secretory activity of hypothalamic dopaminergic neurons was observed in adult rats and its involvement in the regulation of prolactin (PRL) secretion was examined. The secretory activity of the tuberoinfundibular dopaminergic (TIDA) neurons was evaluated by measurement of dopamine (DA) biosynthesis in the neurons and DA(More)