T Yohkaichiya

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Immunoactive inhibin (ir-inhibin) concentrations in maternal serum during normal human pregnancy have been established in two separate studies employing cross-sectional and longitudinal sampling regimes. Ir-inhibin concentrations rose from the mid-luteal phase (geometric mean + 95% confidence intervals 1.490 (1.086-2.028) U mL-1) to peak at week 11 of(More)
Serum inhibin levels were measured by heterologous RIA during pregnancy, lactation, and the post-weaning estrous cycle in the rat and correlated with changes in serum FSH and LH and prolactin. Blood was serially collected by cardiac puncture under light ether anesthesia from adult Sprague-Dawley rats on alternate days throughout the experimental period. For(More)
Among the characters of fibronectin, the adhesiveness may play an important role in embryo implantation. It is concluded that, using the direct and indirect immunofluorescence techniques, fibronectin was not found on the zona pellucida, but on the embryo surface even from the two cell stage. The results imply that (i) fibronectin is not an initial(More)
The possible physiological significance of endogenous inhibin was evaluated in prepubertal female rats during sexual maturation. Ovarian/serum inhibin, serum FSH levels were measured from 4th day to 35th day of life by RIA. Serum inhibin levels were first detected on 4th day of life, thereafter, progressively increasing up to 27th day. Serum FSH levels(More)
The experiments were performed in order to reveal the role of prostaglandins in the implantation process, using indomethacin, a inhibitor of prostaglandin synthesis. Indomethacin was administered to mice on various days of pregnancy, and then the number of implantation sites and the uterine weight per the number of implantation sites were determined on day(More)
Cell junctions in mouse blastocyst were ultrastructurally investigated with or without lanthanum tracer. Tight junctions, gap junctions and desmosomes were observed in the trophectoderm. The tight junction was located near the zona pellucida in all trophoblast interspaces, whereas the gap junction and the desmosome, which were infrequently observed, were(More)
In order to study the morphological features of mouse embryos in the early developmental stage, we first established an in vitro culture system applying a collagen gel layer, and then observed the morphology of the embryos cultured in this system. Embryos after hatching were attached to the collagen gel layer and grew to the egg cylinder stage. By means of(More)
This study examines the source of inhibin in the maternal circulation of pregnant rats by measuring serum immunoactive inhibin levels following a range of experimental procedures. Ovariectomy at days 7, 13 or 19 of gestation, with maintenance of pregnancy by supplementation with progesterone and oestradiol dipropionate, led to a profound fall of serum(More)
OBJECTIVE To define the concentrations of inhibin in serum and tissue of patients with hydatidiform mole and assess their value as a clinical marker of the condition. DESIGN Prospective study of new patients with hydatidiform mole, comparison of paired observations, and case-control analysis. SETTING A university hospital, two large public hospitals,(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the inter-relationships between inhibin, relaxin, steroid concentrations, estradiol (E2), progesterone (P), and gonadotropins in early pregnancy. DESIGN Hormone concentrations in plasma were measured during the luteal phase of subjects who became pregnant (n = 58) or failed to become pregnant (n = 47) after ovarian hyperstimulation(More)