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A novel nonvolatile memory utilizing spin torque transfer magnetization switching (STS), abbreviated Spin-RAM hereafter, is presented for the first time. The Spin-RAM is programmed by magnetization reversal through an interaction of a spin momentum-torque-transferred current and a magnetic moment of memory layers in magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJs), and(More)
A novel method for the space-resolved dissection (molecular surgery) of DNA using electrostatic molecular manipulation is proposed and demonstrated. In conventional biochemistry, DNA cutting enzymes and DNA are mixed in water, so the cutting reactions occur only by stochastic chances. In contrast, the present method is based upon a physical manipulation and(More)
In the flue emission from an internal combustion system using diffusing combustion such as coal or oil fuel boiler, incinerator, or diesel engine, around 10% oxygen is usually included. It is difficult to reduce the NO/sub x/ in the emission completely using catalysts or plasma alone because part of the NO/sub x/ is oxidized under an O/sub 2/-rich(More)
A carbonate system dynamics (CSD) model was developed in a fringing reef on the east coast of Ishigaki Island, southwest Japan, by incorporating organic and inorganic carbon fluxes (photosynthesis and calcification), air–sea gas exchanges, and benthic cover of coral and seagrass into a three-dimensional hydrodynamic model. The CSD model could reproduce(More)
Tumours of the head and neck were examined for gene amplification and expression of the epidermal growth factor (EGF) receptor by Southern blot and Western blot analyses. The EGF receptor gene was found to be amplified in four (19%) of 21 squamous cell carcinomas. The EGF receptor was overexpressed in eight (53%) of 15 squamous cell carcinomas examined,(More)
PURPOSE Frozen gloves (FG) are effective in preventing docetaxel-induced nail toxicity (DNT), but uncomfortable. The preventive effect of FG for DNT was compared using a standard (-25 to -30°C) or more comfortable (-10 to -20°C) preparation. METHODS Breast cancer patients receiving docetaxel were eligible. Each patient wore an FG (prepared at -10 to -20°C(More)
In previous study, we investigated the simultaneous removal of NO/sub x/ and SO/sub x/ using plasma-chemical hybrid process and showed nearly 100% NO/sub x/ and SO/sub x/ removal. In this study, we investigated simultaneous removal of NO/sub x/, SO/sub x/ and particulates using a single-stage wet-type plasma reactor. This reactor consists of discharge wire(More)
1 Introduction Recent studies on non-invasive recordings from human brain have shown the existence of taste-elicited activation areas in the cerebral cortex [1,2]. Magnetoencephalogram (MEG) is a popular instrument for these non-invasive measurement as well as functional MRI (f-MRI) and positron CT (PET). The advantage of MEG measurement is easy to analyze(More)