T. Yamakawa

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Out of 137 hospitals in Niigata prefecture, 13 are connected to the Internet. The number of private clinics using the Internet has also increased. It is thought that an endoscopic information exchange over the Internet connection is useful for the cooperation between hospitals, clinics and organizations in related fields. A conventional World Wide Web (WWW)(More)
This paper describes a fuzzy sets method which is very useful for handling uncertainties and essential for knowledge acquisition of a human expert. Kinetics of a reactor is often complex and not trivial to describe by mathematical equations. Reactor control by traditional control technology is therefore difficult. A novel technology is presented. In the(More)
We created a multimedia system to computerize past lectures using RealAudio software. Physicians, medical researchers and students can browse the contents of lecture slides and handouts with synchronous audio using the Internet. The audience can easily review the most interesting parts of lectures and medical students can listen to complete medical lectures(More)
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