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In terms of basic theory, a unique conversion from a boundary representation to a CSG representation is of importance. In terms of application, the extraction of features by convex decomposition is of interest. The alternating sum of volumes (ASV) technique offers both. However, some algorithmic issues are still unresolved. The paper is the first section of(More)
The paper Js the second part of a 2-part paper The first part focused on the ~ssues of data structure and fast difference operation_ The second studies the non-convergence of the alternating sum of volumes (ASV) process. An ASV ~s a series of convex components fomed by alternating umon and d~fference operattons It ~s desJrable that an ASV series be finite(More)
Survival and proliferation of cancer cells are often associated with hyperactivity of the serine/threonine kinase, Akt. Herein, we show that prosurvival activity of Akt can be converted into prodeath activity by embedding an Akt recognition sequence in the apoptogenic BH3 domain of human BIM. The recognition sequence was created by introducing two(More)
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