T. William Thompson

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The induction of cellular senescence is an important mechanism by which p53 suppresses tumorigenesis. Using a mouse model of liver carcinoma, where cellular senescence is triggered in vivo by inducible p53 expression, we demonstrated that NK cells participate in the elimination of senescent tumors. The elimination of senescent tumor cells is dependent on(More)
In recent years, roles of the immune system in immune surveillance of cancer have been explored using a variety of approaches. The roles of the adaptive immune system have been a major emphasis, but increasing evidence supports a role for innate immune effector cells such as natural killer (NK) cells in tumor surveillance. Here, we discuss some of the(More)
Increasing evidence supports a role for innate immune effector cells in tumor surveillance. Natural killer (NK) cells and myeloid cells represent the two main subsets of innate immune cells possessing efficient but quite different tumor suppressive abilities. Here, we describe the germline-encoded NK cell receptors that play a role in suppressing tumor(More)
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