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We show experimentally that a stable wave propagating into a region characterized by an opposite current may become modulationally unstable. Experiments have been performed in two independent wave tank facilities; both of them are equipped with a wavemaker and a pump for generating a current propagating in the opposite direction with respect to the waves.(More)
We discuss two independent, large scale experiments performed in two wave basins of different dimensions in which the statistics of the surface wave elevation are addressed. Both facilities are equipped with a wave maker capable of generating waves with prescribed frequency and directional properties. The experimental results show that the probability of(More)
Preliminary experiments were carried out for use of the Nd:YAG laser therapy of malignant tumors of the head and face. Because bone and brain tissue lie under the soft tissues in the face and head, the authors prepared two experimental models and examined the thermal effects of laser irradiation using three irradiating methods, single-pulse, automatic(More)
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