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The development of ultrahigh-quality-factor (Q) silicon-on-insulator (SOI) microring resonators based on silicon wire waveguides is presented. An analytical description is derived, illustrating that in addition to low propagation losses the critical coupling condition is essential for optimizing device characteristics. Propagation losses as low as 1.9 +/-(More)
The propagation of 300 femtosecond optical pulses in Silicon-on Insulator waveguides has been studied by means of a pump-probe set-up. The ultrafast pulses allowed the observation of large Kerr-induced red and blue shifts (9nm and 15nm, respectively) of the probe signal depending on the delay between pump (1554nm) and probe (1683nm) pulses. A numerical(More)
A planar nanophotonic Fabry-Perot-like resonator that can defy strong absorption of about 20 000 cm(-1) in the cavity material is demonstrated. Visible laser emission is observed from two silicon subwavelength-sized high index contrast gratings with embedded polymer gain material. The size of the laser is reduced by an order of magnitude compared to(More)
We demonstrate silicon-organic hybrid (SOH) electro-optic modulators that enable quadrature phase-shift keying (QPSK) and 16-state quadrature amplitude modulation (16QAM) with high signal quality and record-low energy consumption. SOH integration combines highly efficient electro-optic organic materials with conventional silicon-on-insulator (SOI) slot(More)
Mitochondria are sites of cellular energy production but may also influence life and death decisions by initiating or inhibiting cell death. Mitochondrial depolarization and the subsequent release of pro-apoptotic factors have been suggested to be required for the activation of a cell death program in some forms of neuronal apoptosis. We induced apoptosis(More)
We present all-optical switching in oxygen ion implanted silicon microring resonators. Time-dependent signal modulation is achieved by shifting resonance wavelengths of microrings through the plasma dispersion effect via femtosecond photogeneration of electron-hole pairs and subsequent trapping at implantation induced defect states. We observe a switching(More)
We present detailed investigations of the local strain distribution and the induced second-order optical nonlinearity within strained silicon waveguides cladded with a Si₃N₄ strain layer. Micro-Raman Spectroscopy mappings and electro-optic characterization of waveguides with varying width w(WG) show that strain gradients in the waveguide core and the(More)
We demonstrate for the first time a fully integrated electro-optic modulator based on locally strained silicon rib-waveguides. By depositing a Si3N4 strain layer directly on top of the silicon waveguide the silicon crystal is asymmetrically distorted. Thus its inversion symmetry is broken and a linear electro-optic effect is induced. Electro-optic(More)
We demonstrate high-speed all-optical switching via vertical excitation of an electron-hole plasma in an oxygen-ion implanted silicon-on-insulator microring resonator. Based on the plasma dispersion effect the spectral response of the device is rapidly modulated by photoinjection and subsequent recombination of charge carriers at artificially introduced(More)
dimensional siloxane resist for the formation of nano-patterns with minimum linewideth fluctuations, " J. of a hydrogen silsesquioxane resist with reduced linewidth fluctuations, " Microelectron. Sub-10 nm linewidth and overlay performance achieved with a fine-tuned EBPG-5000 TFE electron-beam lithography system, " Jpn. " Hydrogen silsesquioxane/novolak(More)