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Today, ITS (intelligent transport systems) is paid attention by people all over the world. ITS is the system that solves the road traffic problems by using communications technology of vehicles. IVC ( inter vehicle communications ) is the communications technology that vehicles exchange the information by using wireless LAN without any base stations. VANET(More)
To investigate the demographic details and patterns of injuries related to horse handling, we reviewed 637 horse-related injuries in 581 stable- or stud-workers in a representative area of thoroughbred stabling in Japan. We found that (1) injuries occurred most frequently in a group of a relatively young workers, with a seasonal variation; (2) the principal(More)
¶ Subcortical meningioma, which has been reported as meningioma without dural attachment, a cerebral subcortical lesion, is extremely rare. Very few findings of radiological examination of subcortical meningioma have been described. Pre-operative differentiation of this lesion is generally difficult. We characterize the peritum oural oedema adjacent to the(More)
YdiV acts as an anti-FlhD4C2 factor, which negatively regulates the class 2 flagellar operons in poor medium in Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium. On the other hand, one of the class 2 flagellar genes, fliZ, encodes a positive regulator of the class 2 operons. In this study, we found that the FliZ-dependent activation of class 2 operon expression was(More)
In the present study, the effects of a new anxiolytic, DN-2327, were compared to those of diazepam and buspirone in rats in the elevated plus-maze test. Two indices of anxiety were obtained in this test: the number of entries into the open arms expressed as a percentage of the total number of arm entries and the percentage of time spent on the open arms.(More)
Ribosomes translating mRNA without an in-frame stop codon (non-stop mRNA) stall at its 3' end. In eubacteria, such ribosomes are rescued by SsrA-mediated trans-translation. Recently, we have shown that Escherichia coli ArfA (formerly YhdL) also rescues stalled ribosomes by a mechanism distinct from that of trans-translation. Synthetic lethality phenotype of(More)
This paper describes a novel 2GHz bandpass filter using a novel quadruple mode dielectric resonator for compact cellular base station. We propose small high Q dielectric resonator technique using TM/sub 11//spl delta/-x, TM/sub 11//spl delta/-y, TE/sub 01//spl delta/-x and TE/sub 01//spl delta/-y modes. It has very high unloaded Q factor value of about(More)
Spline interpolation systems generally contain non-causal filters, and hence it is difficult to use such systems for real-time processing. Our objective is to design a causal system which approximates spline interpolation. This is formulated as a problem of designing a stable inverse of a system with unstable zeros. For this purpose, we adopt H(More)
The SPring-8 storage ring is under construction and will be commissioned in February 1997. The design for the control system of the storage ring adopted the so-called Standard Model concept. VMEbus is used as the front-end control system and is widely distributed around the 1436m circumference of the storage ring. The VMEbus is controlled by a(More)