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The oblique facial cleft may present as a cutaneous and/or an osseous cleft, with or without a cleft lip, and with or without a cleft palate. This particular case was born with complete bilateral cutaneous-osseous oblique facial clefts which extended from the oral cavity to the eye sockets with anophthalmia on the right side. The first surgical intervention(More)
OVERVIEW A shortage of staff for teaching neonatology skills to large numbers of students, in small groups and following a new curriculum, necessitated an innovative educational strategy. This entailed the development and implementation of an interactive multimedia program (CD-ROM) to deliver information about skills and to demonstrate them. METHODS(More)
A bilateral cleft lip and palate case received ornithine-vasopressin intra-operatively in preparation for a vasoconstricted field of the various lip segments prior to the repair of the cleft lip. A cyanotic tinge appeared immediately. This eventually led to total necrosis of the upper lip. Various relevant blood tests were done and a mild thrombocytosis was(More)
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