T. W. Malone

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Foreword Creating safe schools is the responsibility of the entire community in which a school or school system resides, but responsibility for maintaining them on a day-today basis lies principally with school administrators and, to a lesser extent, the local law enforcement agency. Justice have sponsored, often jointly, both research and demonstration(More)
lNTRODUCTlON The panelists will present their expectations for acceptance of new technologies that support collaborative work. They will debate the relative impact of advances in commercial products and in research laboratories. Questions to be addressed include: Is a fundamental research breakthrough still required? When will we see a commercial(More)
Traditional strategy courses focus on gaining competitive advantage from products. This course focuses on gaining competitive advantage from organizational design. Special emphasis will be placed on early examples of innovative organizational forms that haven't yet been proven but that may, in the future, provide significant competitive advantages. The(More)
T oday we hear politicians, pundits, and the public grapple with this question, particularly as the United States struggles to guide democratization in Afghanistan and Iraq. This question is far from new, however, as democracy promotion has featured prominently in U.S. rhetoric for some time. In some cases, the U.S. encouraged democratization with carrots,(More)
T he collection of twelve essays contained in this monograph is meant to initiate and inform the 2007–2008 University Dialogue. " Democracy " is a complex concept in contemporary American culture for a variety of reasons. While it is a term used by citizens of all political persuasions, ethnic identities, social classes, and geographic locales, its meanings(More)
Members of the workgroup assisted in the writing and development of the plan and engaged community partners in providing input at community forums. Data for this plan were compiled from a number of published and unpublished sources. Many of these are available at the DHS website: www.healthoregon.org
I hereby submit the new version of our paper to the 8.2 conference in Cambridge. The most substantial changes we have made are: 1. New title: Social shaping of information infrastructure: on being specific about the technology. (Old title: Social shaping of information infrastructure and new organisational forms.) 2. Actor-network theory is presented in a(More)
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