T.W. Jackson

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The standard Monod model for microbial population dynamics in the chemostat is modified to take into consideration that cells can adapt to the change of nutrient concentration in the chemostat by switching between fast and slow nutrient uptake and growing modes with asymmetric thresholds for transition from one mode to another. This is a generalization of a(More)
The hypothesis that proximity to the Sun causes variation of decay constants at permille level has been tested and disproved. Repeated activity measurements of mono-radionuclide sources were performed over periods from 200 days up to four decades at 14 laboratories across the globe. Residuals from the exponential nuclear decay curves were inspected for(More)
The capability of L band wavelengths to register the soil emission over sparse to moderately dense forests makes attractive the comparative study of the soil moisture content and vegetation biophysical parameter. Soil and vegetation conditions contribute to the microwave measurements through complex interactions, basically resulting from vegetation(More)
Microwave remote sensing provides a direct measurement of soil moisture; however, there have been many challenges in algorithm science and technology that we have faced on the path to providing global measurements. Field experiments, especially those involving both ground and aircraft measurements, provide the linkage between spatial scales necessary for(More)
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