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Ultrathin nanopore membranes based on 2D materials have demonstrated ultimate resolution toward DNA sequencing. Among them, molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) shows long-term stability as well as superior sensitivity enabling high throughput performance. The traditional method of fabricating nanopores with nanometer precision is based on the use of focused(More)
1. Experimental methods (setup, CVD MoS 2 growth, transfer of CVD MoS 2 from sapphire to SiNx membrane, graphene CVD growth, finite element analysis model) 2. STEM-EDX analysis of transferred CVD MoS 2 on a supporting SiNx membrane (SI Fig 1.) 3. Leakage current of intact MoS 2 membrane below critical voltage (SI Fig 2.) 4. Finite element analysis of the(More)
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