T. Velaudapillai

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Ferguson and co-workers (Ferguson and Henderson, 1947; Ferguson et al., 1947) reported the isolation of a motile, anaerogenic paracolon organism which they designated C 27, sharing the somatic antigen with Shigella sonnei, form I. A similar strain was isolated by Wheeler (personal communication, 1947). In Ceylon, the first strain of this type was isolated(More)
Ceylon desiccated coconut was reported to be contaminated with salmonellae. Legislation was introduced to enforce minimum hygienic standards for the manufacture of desiccated coconut. After the introduction of the legislationSalm. angoda, Salm. matopeni, Salm. newport, Salm. paratyphi B, Salm. senftenberg, Salm. typhimurium, Salm. waycross andSalm. welikade(More)