T V Sokolova

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High density of the rat population in Moscow in 1990-1991 resulted in the appearance of Ornithonyssus bacoti foci and of cases of the rat-mite dermatitis in humans. A total of 36 foci of the disease were examined and eradicated. A method for the detection of such foci has been developed. Two types of foci are distinguished, communal and industrial, and(More)
The authors analyze the features of the epidemic process in scabies and review foreign and Soviet literature on the seasonal pattern of this condition. They have introduced the mite fertility index, that is determined by the number of eggs in the mite burrow, counted with the use of a new laboratory diagnostic technique with lactic acid. The studies have(More)
The analyze of data of official statistics of Department of Health and Social Development speaks for veridical differences in prevalency and morbidity of atopic dermatitis by teen-agers in comparison with children (younger then 14 years old). These indexes are higher in 2-3 times, then these indexes among children. For the first time was effectuated the(More)
Photometric procedure of butyl "aeroflot" identification in the work zone air and in wash-out from workers' integument was developed, The procedure was based on the formation of yellow- and orange-dyed copper dibutyl dithiophosphate under butyl "aeroflot" interaction with copper sulphate with the subsequent photometry of dyed solutions for the wavelength of(More)
Individual variability of 235 grain mite females from Moscow and the Moscow Province was studied. The data were processed on a computer. Body proportions were used as a representative dimension index. The size of proterosomal scutellum was stable. A map of the chaetoid cover of notum is given, and its variability was studied. Statistical analysis of all(More)
The formula of a new stable 20% benzylbenzoate emulsion is presented, so are the results of studies on its toxicity, local irritating and sensitizing effects in guinea pigs. For comparison, the same characteristics of currently used 20% water-soap benzylbenzoate emulsion and of the new ointment base, SAKAP (acryl copolymer), have been examined. Both the(More)
The acaricidal activity of Medifox was evaluated in terms of the itch mites to lend support to the validity of its regimen to treat human scabies. Experiments using mainly females, eggs, and larvae withdrawn from the burrows on the skin of patients with scabies were performed. Permethrin contained in 0.4% aqueous Medifox emulsion was found to affect an itch(More)