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The cardenolide composition ofErysimum contractum Somm. et Lew. familyBrassicaceae (Cruciferae) has been investigated. The seeds of this plant have yielded strophanthidin, erysimin, erysimoside, erycordin, and new cardiac glycoside which has been called nigrescigenin digitoxoside. It has mp 141–145°C, [α]D 20+16.0±2° (c 0.75; methanol), C29H42O10. On the(More)
Erysimum leptophyllum (M.B.), fam. Brassicaceae (Cruciferae), is a little-investigated source of cardiac glycosides of the cardenolide group. We have previously reported the presence of cardenolides in this plant [1]. In the seeds, by paper chromatography, we identified erysimoside, erycordin, and canescein. We have now continued the study of the seeds of(More)
Digitoxigenin, digitoxin, D-xylose and L-rhamnose have been used as the starting materials for the synthesis of the new cardiac glycosides: digitoxigenin 3-O-β-D-xylopyranoside and digitoxin 4‴-O-α-L-rhamnopyranoside. It has been established that the compounds obtained possess comparatively high biological activities.
Plants of the family Cruciferae L. (Brassicaceae), which are widely distributed, in the countries of the CIS, are important sources for obtaining new cardiac glycosides. Up to the present time, about 40 species of this family have been studied chemically. From them, 75 glycosides and aglycons, including 50 new, previously unknown, compounds have been(More)
With the aim of obtaining model compounds of interest in the elucidation of the "structure-biological activity" question we have synthesized L-rhamnosides from two glycosidic cardenolides erysimin and helveticosol by the Koenigs-Knorre method in V. T. Chernobai's modification [1] . The performance of the glycosylation reaction was complicated by the fact(More)
As already reported [1, 2] a number of cardenolides, including some new ones, have been isolated from the seeds of Erysimum contractum Somm. et Lev. Continuing an investigation of this plant, we have isolated another polar cardenolide -a glycoside which is one of the main components of the glycoside mixture. The separation of the polar compounds was(More)
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