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The method of intermittent increasing normobaric isocapnic hypoxia was used for the treatment of bronchial asthma. The parameters of respiration, metabolism, free-radical processes and immune system were monitored before and after training. The therapeutic diagnostic complex "Hypotron" (Ukraine), which allowed to determine the individual reactivity of the(More)
The group of 18 men exposed to radiation during amelioration work in the Chernobyl NPP was examined in the course of adaptation to intermittent hypoxia (rebreathing technique during 10 days of three daily 5-7 min sessions with 15 min break). The starting level of ventilatory response to hypoxic stimulus (HVR) did not differ from the one in persons living in(More)
Free radical processes and some indices of antibacterial defense system have been examined in 29 male residents of Chernobyl area during adaptation to periods of intermittent hypoxia. 18 men (the experimental group) were exposed to normobaric isocapnic progressive hypoxia during 10 days of three daily 5-7 min sessions with 15 min breaks, and 11 men (control(More)
Athletes were taken to an altitude of 2100 m and allowed to get adapted to the highland environment for a month. Then blood serum neutral peptide-hydrolases were measured at rest and after exercise. Also, metabolic and respiratory parameters were investigated. In response to identical workloads some subjects showed a decrease (Group 1) while others showed(More)