T. V. S. Sekhar

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INTRODUCTION Menopause marks the end of ovarian function and it is called 'early' or 'premature' if it occurs before 45 years. Very little is known about the menopause transition in Diabetic women. Metabolic disorders like diabetes will accelerate the reproductive ageing and determine premature ovarian failure by various mechanisms. Early menopause along(More)
A higher-order compact scheme is combined with an accelerated multigrid method to solve the energy equation in a spherical polar coordinate system. The steady forced convective heat transfer from a sphere which is under the influence of an external magnetic field is simulated. The convection terms in the energy equation are handled in a comprehensive way(More)
Steady incompressible flow around a circular cylinder in an external magnetic field that is aligned with fluid flow direction is studied for Re (Reynolds number) up to 40 and the interaction parameter in the range 0 ≤N ≤ 15 (or 0 ≤M ≤ 30), where M is the Hartmann number related to N by the relation M = √2N Re, using finite difference method. The(More)
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