T. V. Ramanathan

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BACKGROUND Community mobilisation is an important component of a participatory approach to health and development interventions. However, it is challenging to define, measure and assess community participation and ownership of a programme, especially at scale. METHODS An iterative cross-sectional survey was designed for implementation across a(More)
BACKGROUND In a participatory approach to health and development interventions, defining and measuring community mobilisation is important, but it is challenging to do this effectively, especially at scale. METHODS A cross-sectional, participatory monitoring tool was administered in 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 across a representative sample of 25(More)
A common problem in multiple regression models is multicollinearity, which produces undesirable effects on the least squares estimator. To circumvent this problem, two well known estimation procedures are often suggested in the literature. They are Generalized Ridge Regression (GRR) estimation suggested by Hoerl and Kennard [8] and the Jackknifed Ridge(More)
In this paper, we consider a general family of asymmetric volatility models with stationary and ergodic coefficients. This family can nest several non-linear asymmetric GARCH models with stochastic parameters into its ambit. It also generalizes Markovswitching GARCH and GJR models. The geometric ergodicity of the proposed process is established. Sufficient(More)
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