T. V. Pavlova

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Indices of oxidative stress, nitric oxide (NO) metabolism as well as the activity of caspase-3, an important enzyme of apoptotic cell death, were measured during the morphine withdrawal syndrome in liver and thymus of rats. Male Wistar rats were administered with morphine hydrochloride (i.p., at increasing doses from 10 to 100 mg/kg, twice a day, for 6(More)
sive activity in response to electrical or chemical stimulation of certain parts of the of the brain, is currently also regarded as a model of “pathological plasticity” of the brain [3]. Since kindling-increased neural excitability leads to the development of convulsions, neuron damage, and behavioral abnormality, and is to some extent analogous to(More)
The effects of chronic administration of pentylenetetrazole (PTZ) during early ontogenesis (from postnatal day 14) on the dynamics of age-related changes in electrophysiological characteristics of rat hippocampal slices were studied. Unlike the situation in adult animals, convulsive activity did not develop in rat pups in response to repeated injections.(More)
The relationship between parameters of active avoidance conditioning and morphological changes in the hippocampus was investigated using pentylenetetrazole kindling animal model of epilepsy. Pentylenetetrazole kindling impaired learning of escape reaction and increased the number of intertrial crossings in a shuttle box during active avoidance conditioning.(More)
Rats were subjected to pentylenetetrazol kindling and divided into 2 groups according to their ability to demonstrate convulsions: the "sensitive" and "tresistant" rats groups. Both groups demonstrated EEG afterdischarges; however, the number of the EEG seizures in "sensitive" rats was 60% higher, the latency by 45 sec longer, and the total duration during(More)
Structural changes in neurons and measures of oxidative stress were studied in the hippocampus of rats tolerant (ST) and sensitive (SS) to developing clonic-tonic seizures in conditions of pentylenetetrazol kindling. Sequences of 11 injections of pentylenetetrazol significantly decreased the number of normal neurons in hippocampal field CA1 in SS rats, this(More)
Structural changes in neurons and oxidative stress in hippocampus were studied in rats "tolerant" (TR) and susceptible (SR) to tonic and clonic seizures in pentylenetetrazole (PTZ) kindling. The number of normal neurons was significantly decreased in CA1 subfield of TR hippocampus after 11 injections of PTZ, while in SR neuronal cell loss was evident in CA1(More)
By means of injection, corrosive, histological methods, light microscopy with elements of morphometry, electron (transmissive and raster) microscopy, 260 preparations of the human placenta have been studied. The notion on the order of villi branching, on intraorganic architectonics has been expanded, intrarelations of the vessels with the villous stroma(More)
The skull bone tissue was studied under conditions of implantation of Grey nanostructured titanium containing biocomposites and bone morphogenetic protein-2 in the coating structure. Implantation of sandblast processed titanium led to more rapid formation of the bone tissue than the use of titanium biocomposites with microarch oxidation (due to porous(More)
Nitric oxide synthase (NOS) activity and nitrate/nitrites (NO(x)-) concentrations were measured in brain regions of rats during the spontaneous morphine withdrawal. Male Wistar rats were injected intraperotoneally with morphine hydrochloride at increasing doses (10-100 mg/kg) during 6 days twice a day. Thirty six hours after the last injection the severity(More)