T. V. L. N. Sivakumar

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INTRODUCTION Ameloblastic fibro-odontoma (AFO) is a quite rare, mixed odontogenic tumour generally seen in the early stages of life. Frequent signs of this tumour are asymptomatic swelling, delayed tooth eruption and mixed radiological appearance within well-defined borders. Management of the lesion includes enucleation of the tumour and long-term(More)
BACKGROUND Oral sustained release gastroretentive dosage forms offer many advantages for drugs having absorption from upper gastrointestinal tract and improve the bioavailability of medications that are characterized by narrow absorption window. The aim of current study was to design sustained release bioadhesive gastroretentive dosage form of ofloxacin. (More)
This paper focuses on the impact of topology on Bluetooth personal area network. We first present some observations on performance degradations of Bluetooth PAN due to network topologies, and then analyze its reason. Based on our analysis, we propose a flexible scat-ternet formation algorithm under conference scenario for multi-hop communication. By using(More)
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