T. V. L. N. Sivakumar

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In this paper, we present some observations and analysis on Bluetooth PAN's performance degradation in multi hop network based on our experiments. We highlight a situation in which control packets can be received properly but not data packets, as well as its effects on scatternet performance. Based on our analysis, we propose a cross-layer optimized routing(More)
In the present study, we screened blood DNA samples obtained from cattle bred in Brazil (n=164) and Ghana (n=80) for Babesia bovis using a diagnostic PCR assay and found prevalences of 14.6% and 46.3%, respectively. Subsequently, the genetic diversity of B. bovis in Thailand, Brazil and Ghana was analyzed, based on the DNA sequence of merozoite surface(More)
Hemoprotozoan infections often cause serious production losses in livestock. In the present study, we conducted a PCR-based survey of Babesia bovis, Babesia bigemina, Theileria annulata, Theileria orientalis, Trypanosoma evansi and Trypanosoma theileri, using 423 DNA samples extracted from blood samples of cattle (n=202), water buffaloes (n=43), sheep(More)
Twenty fecal samples have been collected from various clinical laboratories in Viruthunagar district, Tamilnadu. Among this, 19 samples were positive for Salmonella sp. and they were identified after enrichment by standard microscopic, cultural characteristic and biochemical characterization. Among this; six, seven and six isolates were characterized as S.(More)
In this paper, we propose a new authentication and control scheme for accessing the content both in mobile devices and on the Internet. The user does not need to provide or remember usernames and passwords when she/he accesses Web accounts from the mobile device once authentication to the device is achieved. We also analyzed the security performance of our(More)
Haemosporida parasites of even-toed ungulates are diverse and globally distributed, but since their discovery in 1913 their characterization has relied exclusively on microscopy-based descriptions. In order to bring molecular approaches to bear on the identity and evolutionary relationships of ungulate malaria parasites, we conducted Plasmodium(More)
A PCR-based survey of hemoprotozoa parasites detected Babesia bigemina, Theileria orientalis and Trypanosoma theileri among cattle and water buffalo in Vietnam, and a new Babesia sp. closely related to Babesia ovata was detected in cattle only. In addition, Theileria annulata and Trypanosoma evansi were not detected in both cattle and water buffalo.(More)
We screened cattle and goats from the districts of Chama, Monze and Mumbwa in Zambia for animal African trypanosomes, Babesia bigemina and Theileria parva using PCRs; 38.1% of the samples tested positive for at least one of the parasite species. The most common parasite was Trypanosoma vivax (19.8%). Its incidence was significantly higher in goats than in(More)