T. V. Eseva

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A socially uniform group of apparently healthy people aged 30–59 years who live in cities of the European North (62°N) was examined. During the course of a year, blood metabolites, parameters of functioning of the cardiovascular system, the psychoemotional state, and actual nutrition were studied monthly. An optimal state of metabolism and physiological(More)
One-year monitoring of the blood metabolic parameters in residents of the North (students aged 18-20 years and scientists aged 30-59 years) showed that blood concentrations of glucose, lactate, and albumin varied in young people (18-20 years) within a greater range throughout the year than in older subjects (30-59 years), while the range of variations for(More)
INTRODUCTION The goal of this study was to examine the fatty acid (FA) composition of the total plasma lipids of the native inhabitants of the Russian European North, taking into consideration the differences in lifestyles and nutritional habits as well as the interrelationship between the plasma FA profile and nutrition. METHODS In total, 78 native(More)
The nutrition on alimentary and power value in the term active duty soldier on the North on norm No 1 (troop ration) approaches to calculated sizes (with the exception of fat deficiency) that allows to support the physical working capacity and the body mass index on high enough level. However insufficient content of vitamins (polyhypovitaminosis) in(More)
The functional state of the pituitary-thyroid axis (PTA) and oxygen consumption were studied monthly during one year in a group of soldiers from northern European Russia daily staying outdoors for 6–10 h. It was shown that the chronic exposure to low temperatures on the human body was accompanied by activation of metabolism of thyroid hormones, which was(More)
There were three medical examinations (in March, June and October) of oilers on shift days 5-6 in a field medical post in the Polar region. The survey protocol included analysis of morning (before breakfast) biochemical and cell indices, physiological examination, testing reactions to standard stimuli (color, tone), psychological testing, assessment of(More)
Complex investigations of adolescences (14-15 years) residing on the European North at 62 and 65 degrees latitudes have been carried out. It was shown that the latitude factor on the North affected on mature organism of adolescences already at a difference of residence place on 3 degrees. The decrease of tolerance to hypoxemia, quality of hemodynamic(More)
Evaluated were consequences of changes in oxygen demand, bronchial conduction, exercise performance, functioning of antioxidant enzymes and body provision with natural oxidants for the level of free-radical oxidation products in human organism. To this end, a group of essentially healthy young male northerners spending much time outdoors was surveyed over a(More)