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In the buccal epithelial micronuclear test, only the higher frequency of cells with any nuclear degenerative changes is considered to be attributable to the adverse influence of environmental factors. Comprehensive examination of 223 children of 5-7 years of age, going to kindergartens and schools has indicated that the frequency of cells with nuclear(More)
On the territory of town Perm there are some factors of hygienic, climatic and technical nature which yearly influence microbial pollution of drinking water and seasonal incidence of intestinal infections of obscure etiology. It was shown in several years investigations.
The paper presents the data of Russian and foreign authors, as well as these author's findings of the significance of coliphages as indicators of viral contamination of drinking water. Coliphages may be used as indicators of viral drinking water contamination and for evaluation of the efficiency of drinking water purification in waterworks.
The paper describes an accelerated procedure for isolating enteric viruses and a scheme for evaluating the viral contamination of pure waters, which involves the concentration of the viruses from the great water volumes by means ofa MFM 0142 membrane module with tangential filtration through an electropositive membrane (MMK) with a pore size of 0.2 microm,(More)
The authors propose a new heterogeneous photo sensitizer containing aluminum tetrakis [bis(cholinyl)phenylthio)] phthalocyanine grafted onto silica as an active phase. A poliovirus type 1 LSc2ab and RNA-containing phage MS2 model was used to show that the sensitizer had photo decontaminating activity against viruses and may be used to purify water from(More)