T V Burkova

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The authors induced pulmonary silicosis in albino rats by the intratracheal method with 50 mg mixed middling slime from Panaguiriste and quartz dust, dissolved in I ml physiological solution. The animals received a single treatment and were killed on 90th day of the experiment. Some intime characteristics of collagen-forming mechanisms in lungs were(More)
A single parenteral and oral administration of ammonium glycyrrhizinate in rat and mice experiments showed that the compound is related to practically nontoxic drugs. Its repeated administration (30 times) into the stomach in a maximum daily therapeutic dose (7 mg/kg) and in a four-fold dose (28 mg/kg) did not cause signs of intoxication, essential changes(More)
Repeated oral toxicity was assayed in albino rats of either sex, receiving every day 70 mg/kg of Ramrod for 4 months (group I) and everyday, but on alternate weeks-140 mg/kg (group II). A third experimental group of animals received daily 70 mg/kg of Ramrod on alternate weeks for 8 months. In comparison with the respective pure control groups of rats, those(More)
The use of styrene in the production and processing of polymers, varnishes and paints is a prerequisite for a broad skin contact with the solvent, hence conditions for occupational effect on the workers, manifested with frequent contact toxic dermatitis. That determined the scope of this work, aiming at the specifying of the occupational risk in case of(More)
The authors irradiated albino rats with I microc/gr strontium89 with previously modelled liver injury by FOS (Agria 1050). A temporary inhibition of the methodical activity was established as well as aberrant mitoses and strongly manifested polyploidity of the hepatic cells. Those phenomena faded quickly (within 8 days), with the exception of polyploidity,(More)
An evaluation of the biological activity of Bulgarian zeolite rocks was made by the methods in vivo and in vitro. The results pointed out to specific biological effect--cytotoxic and fibrogenic--most strongly expressed for clinoptilolite followed by mordenite and erionite. The clinoptilolite is characterized by strong cytotoxic effect in comparison with(More)
The chronic inhalational toxicity of chloracetophon was studied on 24 albino Wistar rats, with concentrations 20 mg X m-3. The animal were exposed 4 hours/daily, 5 days/weekly, for 90 days. Integral, biochemical, histological and electron-microscopic methods were used for the evaluation of the toxic effect of the preparation. The results reveal metabolic(More)