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By methods of IR-spectroscopy, electrophoresis and piezomicrobalance the comparative study on hydration and structural state of liver DNA from rats both intact and exposed within the Chernobyl accident zone was conducted. Modification of primary and secondary DNA structure in irradiated animals demonstrate serious disturbance of hepatocyte genetic(More)
A comparative study of the effect of water on the interaction of DNA with actinocin derivatives having different numbers of methylene groups in side chains was performed by IR spectroscopy. It was found that, as relative humidity increases, water molecules simultaneously bind to hydrate-active sites of DNA and ligands. The absorption band at v = 1137 cm-1,(More)
Hydration and structure of Li DNA in films and solutions have been investigated by methods of IR spectroscopy, piezogravimentry, UHF dielectrometry, and microcalorimetry. The hydration energy and the water sorption range in which the DNA undergoes the transition from the unordered state to the B-form have been determined, making it possible to evaluate the(More)
IR-spectrometry and thermopiezogravimetry are used to study the structure formation and the water environment of the double-helix Na-poly(dA)-poly(dT) complex in films in the 0-100% interval of the relative humidity (RH). It has been found that three different structures of the complex are formed in the 0-32, 32-76 and 88-100% intervals of RH. The(More)
DNA with Cu2+ ions in solution and films is studied by IR and Raman spectroscopy at different relative humidities (R.H. = 51 divided by 98%). DNA complexed with Cu2+ ions is shown to transit to the double-helix conformation, passing A-form, the water content per nucleotide (n) being essentially larger: 12 for Cu2+/P = 0.4 (n = 8 for DNA without ions). Cu2+(More)
By the methods of infrared spectroscopy, piezogravimetry and microcalorimetry the process of forming of the structure and hydration environment of DNA from Clostridium perfringens in the wet films has been investigated. It were found three intervals of relative humidity (r.h.) in which three structural states of DNA: an unordered state (0-44% r.h.), the(More)
By the method of gravimetry and piezomicrobalance native and denaturated DNA hydration isotherms are obtained. Their adsorptional ability difference observed is interpreted according to IR-data, which show that if sugar-phosphate skeleton hydration levels are similar for these conformations, their nitrous base hydration is strongly different. BET-fitting of(More)
IR-spectra of a double-helical poly A-poly U complex and coiled poly U were studied at various r.h. in a 900-3800 cm-1 region. By the method of piezomicrobalance hydration isotherms for these polynucleotides were obtained. It is concluded that, as in the DNA case, simultaneous hydration of nucleic bases the backbone of polynucleotides occurs at lower r.h.,(More)
Structural transitions of poly(rC)-Ka+ in humid films with different water content were studied by infrared spectroscopy and piezogravimetry. From analysis of the hydration isotherms and the dependence of spectral parameters (frequencies and intensities of the main bands) on n the hydration sites of the polynucleotide were determined (C2O, O4', N4H2, N1,(More)
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