T. V. Asokan

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De Praestigs Demonium by the German Physician Weyer[5] (1515-1518) which appeared in Latin in 1563 may be considered as the first medical treaties in the common milieu of mental disorders and law. Medico-legal perception of mental illnesses came into existence in 17th century. Custodial placement was decided by the judges based on the request of the(More)
International Advisory Board Allan Tasman USA Anand Pandurangi USA Asha Mishra USA Bruce Singh Australia Dinesh Bhugra UK George Christodoulou Greece Harischandra Gambheera Sri Lanka Haroon Rashid Chaudhury Pakistan Helen Herrman Australia J. Sreenivasaraghavan USA Juan E. Mezzich USA Levent Kuey Turkey Mahendra K. Nepal Nepal Mario Maj Italy Mohan K. Issac(More)
BACKGROUND Soft neurological signs are minor, non localizing, objective abnormalities, thought to reflect damage in cortical and sub-cortical connections or connections within different cortical regions. Regional structural grey matter anomalies have already been observed and correlated with the presence of cognitive deficits and presence of soft(More)
For the past 150 years, there is no change in the understanding and knowledge other than autonomy and capacity to choose the right and wrong for criminal liability. The alternative concept that human behavior is the result of an interaction between biological and environmental factors other than free choice failed to impress the criminal justice system(More)
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