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There is growing concern over the possible increase in mental health problems among Japanese workers. This trend is generally regarded as a reflection of Japan's prolonged economic depression and changes in working environment. In fact, claims for compensation for industrial accidents related to mental health diseases have been rapidly increasing in recent(More)
To test the hypothesis that 1α-hydroxyvitamin D3 (1α(OH)D3) suppresses bone resorption after ovariectomy (ovx) by inhibiting osteoclastogenic potential in bone marrow cells, the bilateral tibiae of ddY mice, 8 weeks of age, subjected to ovx were obtained. 1α(OH)D3, at doses of 0, 0.2 (low dose), or 0.4 μg/kg body weight (high dose), was administered orally(More)
Three years have passed since the countermeasures against the adverse health effects of overwork started in Japan, and fruitful outcomes have been expected. In the current study, a systematic review of articles was performed regarding the association of long working hours (LWH) with cardiovascular diseases (CVD) to obtain recent evidence of their(More)
OBJECTIVES Measuring core body temperature is crucial for preventing heat stress disorders in workers. We developed a method for measuring auditory canal temperatures based on a thermocouple inserted into a sponge-type earplug. We verified that the tip of this thermocouple is positioned safely, allowing the wearer to engage in normal physical tasks; this(More)
To test an economically reasonable method to reduce thermal stress, we performed an alternated intervention-control study on 2 groups of 8 male steel workers performing the same jobs, using 2 l of water at ambient temperature (23.5 degrees C +/- 1.4), poured on the head and hands. Each group participated for 2 d as control and 2 d as intervention during 4(More)
Eight skilled workers engaged in heat-exposed work in front of a blast furnace in a steel factory were asked to drink a sports drink or one of its dilutions of x 2, x 3, or x 5 during a regular daytime shift in the summer of 1999. A regular lunch was taken and the examined beverage was iced and was allowed to be consumed ad libitum. The beverage was changed(More)
Envisioning a cooling method and aiming at maximum feasibility and simplicity, we designed an experimental intervention-control study based on non-refrigerated water usage, consisting of pouring 2 l of 23.0 degrees C water simultaneously on head and hands for one minute, after every 20 min of exertion. The subjects were 11 fit male individuals between 19(More)
The public long-term care insurance program for the elderly in Japan set out in 2000 toward establishing a new system whereby citizens can be assured that they will receive care and be supported by the society as a whole. The insurance program includes computer-aided certification processes to estimate the needs for nursing care for clients. In this work,(More)
Occupational physicians are expected to play important roles in helping workers with an acquired disability return to work. However, the key elements to develop a successful program to help these workers return to work are still unclear. In this study, we searched the literature referring to occupational physicians' role in the return-to-work process of the(More)
We investigated the body cooling capacity of water-circulated cooling pants during lower body exercise in a hot environment. Five subjects were asked to ride a bicycle ergometer and to keep a work rate of 75 W continuously for 20 minutes. They then rest on the ergometer for 15 minutes, in a climate chamber kept at WBGT = 31.5 degrees C. They repeated the(More)