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The public long-term care insurance program for the elderly in Japan set out in 2000 toward establishing a new system whereby citizens can be assured that they will receive care and be supported by the society as a whole. The insurance program includes computer-aided certification processes to estimate the needs for nursing care for clients. In this work,(More)
The most basic way of solving linear partial differential equations and the first method learned by the vast majority of students is the method of separation of variables. This method consists of the following: We attempt to find a family of solutions with a special form, and then try to obtain all solutions as linear combinations of these special(More)
We devised a method for data mining from multivariate data using a network of coupled phase oscillators subject to an analogue of the Kuramoto model for collective synchronization. In our method, the natural frequencies of the phase oscillators are extended to vector quantities to which multivariate data are assigned. The common frequency vectors of(More)
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