T Tsuruhara

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Axons innervating the dorsal longitudinal flight muscle of Drosophila were investigated with physiological, light microscopic and electron microscopic techniques. Five motor axons innervate the six muscle fibres which compose a dorsal longitudinal flight muscle. All five axons, designated 1-5, are identified physiologically and morphologically. Axons 1-4(More)
The garland cell of Drosophila is a nephrocyte which takes up waste products from the haemolymph. Endocytosis is thought to occur by the pinch-off of coated vesicles from deep invaginations of the plasma membrane called labyrinthine channels. Electron microscopic studies show that the length of these channels is variable, depending on the relative rates of(More)
Hypothalamo-pituitary functions were examined in thirteen children with behavioral disorders (six with hyperkinesia, four with autism, two with tic and one with schizophrenia) before and during treatment with pimozide, an antidopaminergic drug. The mean (+/- S.E.M.) basal serum PRL level (24.5 +/- 4.2 ng/ml) during pimozide treatment was significantly(More)
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