T. Todorov

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The bremsstrahlung energy loss distribution of electrons propagating in matter is highly non Gaussian. Because the Kalman filter relies solely on Gaussian probability density functions, it might not be an optimal reconstruction algorithm for electron tracks. A Gaussian-sum filter (GSF) algorithm for electron track reconstruction in the CMS tracker has(More)
This paper takes up the question of cinematic representation with relation to the " end of grand narratives " and the emphasis on representing reality " as it really is " – an imperative which, I argue, can be just as progressive as it usually is reactionary. While films such as Black Hawk Down, Saving Private Ryan and United 93, to name a few, strip away(More)
A systematic treatment of the magnetic fluctuations effect on the properties of the normal-to-superconducting phase transition in a zero external magnetic field is given within the self-consistent approximation and the quasi-macroscopic Ginzburg-Landau model. New results for thin superconducting films are presented. Thermo-dynamic quantities having a direct(More)
In an analysis of multihadronic events recorded at LEP by DELPHI in the years 1992 through 1994, charged hadrons are identiied using the measurement of their energy loss and their Cherenkov angle. Rapidity correlations of-, proton-proton, and-proton pairs are compared. The agreement with the string and cluster fragmentation models is tested. For those pairs(More)
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