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and pattern projection techniques such as coded light or fringe projection for real-time extraction of 3-D object positions and color information could manifest themselves as an alternative to traditional camera-based methods. Apart from all of these approaches, there also are some active imaging devices capable of 3-D extraction such as the 3-D(More)
— Advances in image sensors and evolution of digital computation is a strong stimulus for development and implementation of sophisticated methods for capturing, processing and analysis of 3D data from dynamic scenes. Research on perspective time-varying 3D scene capture technologies is important for the upcoming 3DTV displays. Methods such as(More)
Rhodamine 6G (R6G), also known as Rhodamine 590, is one of the most frequently used dyes for application in dye lasers and as a fluorescence tracer, e.g., in the area of environmental hydraulics. Knowing the spectroscopic characteristics of the optical emission is key to obtaining high conversion efficiency and measurement accuracy, respectively. In this(More)
A continuous-wave, diode-pumped, room-temperature Tm:YAlO3 laser was built, characterized, and compared with a theoretical model. Spectroscopic parameters of the laser crystal, such as the pump band ((3)H4 manifold) lifetime, the upper laser level ((3)F4 manifold) lifetime, and the absorption coefficient were measured. The experimental data were used to(More)
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