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Using glance-monitoring technologies for on-road studies is an excellent way to investigate driver behaviors in an ecologically valid setting. Recent advances in glance-monitoring technologies have made it possible to conduct on-road studies of drivers' glance behavior that heretofore were simply not possible. Yet it is not always easy to determine which(More)
Statistical analysis and process efficiency tools and techniques have been successfully implemented in many different industries, although healthcare has been slow to adopt these methodologies. We recently participated in an AHRQ grant, Partnerships in Implementing Patient Safety: Improving Warfarin Management in Competitive Healthcare Using ISO 9001(More)
—Pre-congestion notification (PCN) provides feedback about load conditions in a network to its boundary nodes. The PCN working group of the IETF discusses the use of PCN to implement admission control (AC) and flow termination (FT) for prioritized realtime traffic in a DiffServ domain. Admission control (AC) is a well-known flow control function that blocks(More)
Pre-Congestion Notification (PCN) is a means for protecting quality of service for inelastic traffic admitted to a Diffserv domain. The overall PCN architecture is described in RFC 5559. This memo describes the requirements for the signaling applied within the PCN-domain: (1) PCN-feedback-information is carried from the PCN-egress-node to the Decision(More)
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