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The germarium of the monogenean skin parasite Entobdella soleae encloses a coiled tube containing many mature oocytes. This intragermarial tube communicates distally with the oviduct. The proximal end of the tube is closed by a "plug cell" which is suspended by finger-like cytoplasmic processes attached to the sheaths enclosing dorso-ventral muscle fibres(More)
The ultrastructural events of spermiogenesis and the ultrastructure of the mature spermatozoon of an acanthocotylid monogenean, Acanthocotyle lobianchi, are described. The early zone of differentiation (ZD) contains two roughly perpendicular centrioles which become parallel and produce two free flagella, although these later become incorporated into the(More)
Transmission electron micrographs of transverse sections through the vas deferens of the monogeneansEntobdella soleae andE. hippoglossi reveal that each spermatozoon is equipped with a rod-shaped crystalline body that is held in position externally by folds in the terminal region of the sperm. There is evidence that these bodies are products of the cells(More)
The monogenean (platyhelminth) skin parasite Entobdella soleae from the common sole (Solea solea) lays tetrahedral eggs. One of the 4 corners of the tetrahedron is a detachable operculum which is bonded to the rest of the egg-shell by cement. Most of this cement layer, beginning at the inner surface of the shell and running through almost to the outer(More)
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