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Human gingival fibroblasts (hGF) reside in gingival tissues which are challenged frequently by oral bacteria. Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) from periodontal pathogens can penetrate gingival tissues and stimulate plasminogen activator (PA) activity which is implicated in the PA/plasmin proteolytic system. The PA/plasmin system plays an important role in the(More)
H. WANG∗,§, E. VAN BOVEN∗,†,¶, A. KRISHNAKUMAR†, M. HOSSEINI∗,†, H. VAN HOOFF‡, T. TAKEMA‡, N. BAKEN∗,† and P. VAN MIEGHEM∗ ∗Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, and Computer Science, Delft University of Technology, P. O. Box 5031, 2600 GA Delft, The Netherlands †KPN Royal, P. O. Box 30.000, 2500 GA The Hague, The Netherlands ‡Statistics(More)
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