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3D video is the ultimate image media recording dynamic visual events in the real world as is. Recorded object actions can be observed from any viewpoint; 3D video records the object's full 3D shape, motion, and precise surface properties (i.e. color and texture). In this paper, we present research attainments so far obtained: 1. a PC cluster system for(More)
MOTIVATION To represent various aspects of receptors effectively, we developed the receptor database (RDB), using an object-oriented database management system ACEDB and the Internet/WWW technology. RESULTS RDB was constructed so that the system collects data items such as attributes of proteins from distributed data sources of the Internet, and so that(More)
Prof. Tanaka is charged with education of interdisciplinary medical informatics and bioinformatics. For undergraduate .He supervises 31 students of PhD course and 2 students in Master course in Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences and 6 students of PhD course and 12 students in Master course in Biomedical Science PhD Program. He is a principle(More)
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