T. Taguchi

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In this paper, we propose to use combination of the reference governor with outer feedback and model following control method for long seek control problem of hard disk drive. The real hard disk drive is a very high dimensional system and it is not adequate to use it as a control model. In the model following control scheme, a lower dimensional system is(More)
A 64 x 64-pixel analog image filtering processor has been developed. The chip employs the scanning lineparallel processing architecture in order to realize a very fast execution of image filtering operation. In addition, any typical filtering kernels are programmable in this architecture. The line parallel processing is carried out for the pixels in a(More)
The endoscopy for the digestive tract has achieved marked advance in these days, permitting to carry out the direct visual observation and the biopsy at almost every site of the whole canal. In the duodenum, it is possible even to take the backward Vr However, most of these techniques have been applied to the morphological examination, giving little(More)
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