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This paper presents the development of a Visible Light Communications (VLC) system for a local area network (LAN). The link is analyzed for all development stages and compared with a typical Ethernet system. The VLC system uses a Philips Luxeon Rebel as the transmitter and a Centronic OSD15-5T as the receiver coupled with a blue filter to achieve the(More)
The goal of this paper is to demonstrate that parallel programming techniques can boost AI planning systems in various aspects. It shows that an appropriate parallelization of a sequential planning system often brings gain in performance and/or scalability. We start by describing general schemes for par-allelizing the construction of a plan. We then discuss(More)
This paper is intended to provide an alternative optimization approach for the design of one-dimensional finite impulse response filter based on modified Widrow-Hoff neural network. This technique is based on minimization of weighted square-error function in frequency domain. Design guidelines and implementation approach was presented along with the proof(More)
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