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Learning about design is a central component in education for human-computer interaction. We have foimd Design Space Analysis to be a useful technique for students learning user interface design skills. In the FLUID tool described here, we have combined explicit instruction on design, worked case studies, and problem exercises for learners, yielding an(More)
Complementary tables of contents In previous research, we experimented with restructuring online information with multiple tables of contents [2]. The tables show the different, complementary relationships between units of information, much es hypertext links would do. The additional structure provided by the hierarchical nature of the tables gives(More)
This paper describes a clinical informatics system that provides access to electronic information management tools for clinicians. The Clinical Informatics Network (CLINT) provides a variety of tools for accessing information on an internal medicine ward. Evaluations based on the use of the tools will provide insight to clinicians' information needs, and(More)
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