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This work is concerned with establishing the feasibility of a data-on-demand (DoD) uncertainty quantification (UQ) protocol based on concentration-of-measure inequalities. Specific aims are to establish the feasibility of the protocol and its basic properties, including the tightness of the predictions afforded by the protocol. The assessment is based on an(More)
We present an optimal uncertainty quantification (OUQ) protocol for systems that are characterized by an existing physics-based model and for which only legacy data is available, i.e., no additional experimental testing of the system is possible. Specifically, the OUQ strategy developed in this work consists of using the legacy data to establish, in a(More)
The combination of low k dielectric material application and aggressive scaling in advanced interconnects creates new challenges for thermal and electromigration solutions. The complexity and difficulty are discussed for modeling and evaluating thermal and EM interactions in circuit designs. A few examples are given to show quantitatively the impact of(More)
Industry Standard? Commercial off the Shelf? Or Custom designs? About the only thing the transit industry is able to agree upon is that it cannot. Continuous bi-directional communications forms the heart of CBTC technology. By using two-way communications instead of traditional fixed block track circuits some transit operators have been able to realize(More)
In November 2012, plans were announced to initiate a national search for permanent Provost and Senior Vice President. Since then we have been steadily working through the process of initiating the search. I am very pleased that Professor Abu Rizvi, Dean of the Honors College, has agreed to serve as chair of the search committee and that Professor A Faculty(More)
Goals of the Course, Requirements, and Expectations This graduate level seminar is designed to give each student a broad education in the history and philosophy of geography. The philosophical roots of the discipline began in ancient times and include a number of important and interesting theories and practices that form the basis for today's contemporary(More)