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Despite the introduction of newly developed drugs such as lenalidomide and bortezomib, patients with multiple myeloma are still difficult to treat and have a poor prognosis. In order to find novel drugs that are effective for multiple myeloma, we tested the antitumor activity of 29 phthalimide derivatives against several multiple myeloma cell lines. Among(More)
12-O-β-D-glucopyranosyl jasmonic acid (JAG) shows unique biological activities, including leaf-closing of Samanea saman. It is expected that the mode of action for such regulation is distinct from that of other jasmonates. We developed high-performance compact molecular probes (CMPs) based on JAG that can be used for the FLAG-tagging of JAG target. We(More)
—We developed novel conditional expressions (CEs) for Lane and Bates' blind deconvolution. The CEs are given in term of the derivatives of the zero-values of the z-transform of given images. The CEs make it possible to automatically detect multiple blur convolved in the given images all at once without performing any analysis of the zero-sheets of the given(More)
A five-step and scalable synthesis of racemic cytoxazone, a novel cytokine modulator, was accomplished in a total yield of 51% from p-methoxycinnamyl alcohol without any protective groups. The keystep was the new one-pot azidohydroxylation procedure by the combined use of NaN3-H2O2-CH3CN. The epoxidation of an olefin by means of an in situ-formed(More)
Okicamelliaside, a glucoside of ellagic acid with potent anti-degranulation activity, was synthesized from ellagic acid. The regioselectivity, solubility, and high reactivity of the intermediates throughout the synthesis were obtained by the complementary use of triisopropylsilyl (TIPS) and methoxyethoxymethyl (MEM) protective groups on the aglycone(More)
In addition to (+)-, (-)- and (+/-)-heliannuol E, growth-inhibitory activities of five synthetic chromans and four tetrahydrobenzo[b]oxepins were examined against oat and cress. All heliannuol E isomers exhibited similar biological activities against cress, whereas when tested against oat roots, the unnatural optical isomer (+) showed no inhibitory(More)
In order to synthesize the potent nuclear factor (NF)-κB inhibitor, (2S,3S,4S)-dehydroxymethylepoxyquinomycin (DHMEQ), in a large scale, a new route for its corresponding racemic precursor, dihexanoyl (2R*,3R*,4R*)-DHMEQ, was developed. By employing both hydroquinone and benzoquinone intermediates, the total yield, reproducibility, and synthetic steps were(More)
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) achieve their anti-inflammatory effect by inhibiting cyclooxygenase activity. We previously suggested that in addition to cyclooxygenase-inhibition at the gastric mucosa, NSAID-induced gastric mucosal cell death is required for the formation of NSAID-induced gastric lesions in vivo. We showed that celecoxib(More)