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d-arabino-3-Hexulose 6-phosphate was prepared by condensation of formaldehyde with ribulose 5-phosphate in the presence of 3-hexulose phosphate synthase from methane-grown Methylococcus capsulatus. The 3-hexulose phosphate was unstable in solutions of pH greater than 3, giving a mixture of products in which, after dephosphorylation, allulose and fructose(More)
The oxidation of carbon monoxide and methane by suspensions and ultrasonic extracts of Pseudomonas methanica was studied. A continuous assay for the oxidation of CO to CO2 was devised, using O2 and CO2 electrodes in combination. Stoicheiometries of CO-dependent CO2 formation, O2 consumption and NADH oxidation, and the partial stoicheiometries of(More)
3-Hexulose phosphate synthase and phospho-3-hexuloisomerase were purified 40- and 150-fold respectively from methane-grown Methylococcus capsulatus. The molecular weights of the enzymes were approximately 310000 and 67000 respectively, as determined by gel filtration. Dissociation of 3-hexulose phosphate synthase into subunits of molecular weight approx.(More)
Human-driven selection during domestication and subsequent breed formation has likely left detectable signatures within the genome of modern chicken. The elucidation of these signatures of selection is of interest from the perspective of evolutionary biology, and for identifying genes relevant to domestication and improvement that ultimately may help to(More)
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