T. Sridevi

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Image segmentation is to partition an image into meaningful regions with respect to a particular application. Object recognition is the task of finding a given object in an image or video sequence. In this paper, interaction between image segmentation (using different edge detection methods) and object recognition are discussed. Edge detection methods such(More)
An efficient and robust video watermarking algorithm for video coding standard MPEG has been proposed in this paper. Digital video watermarking has attracted a great deal of research interest in the past few years in applications such as digital fingerprinting and owner identification. Grayscale 2-D watermark patterns such as detailed trademarks or logos(More)
Digital watermarking algorithms are prune to different attacks. Of these geometric attacks are recognized as one of the strongest attacks for digital watermarking technology. Normalization watermarking algorithm is resistant to geometrical distortions and DC coefficients are perceptually most significant and more robust to many unintentional attacks (signal(More)
Feature selection aims to select subset of original features. It removes unrelated, redundant or noisy data from the problem domain. Rough set theory is often applied to feature reduction using the data alone, requiring no additional information and widely used for classification tool in data mining. Clustering, a form of data grouping, groups a set of data(More)
A major area of current research in data mining is the field of medical diagnosis. In the present study using the Breast cancer Wisconsin data sets, a feature selection algorithm Modified Correlation Rough Set Feature Selection (MCRSFS) predicts both diagnosis and prognosis by comparing several data mining classification algorithms. In the proposed(More)
Digital image watermarking is implemented using fuzzy logic approach based on transform domain. Fuzzy logic is an approach based on "degrees of truth" rather than usual "true or false" i. e. , Boolean logic. In this paper, we use a reference image instead of original image. To get a reference image Directive contrast and Threshold value are calculated for(More)
In wireless multimedia sensor networks coverage area and redundant sensor are a major problem thus throughput is minimum and more delay .In order to optimize the network coverage, use a coverage-enhancing algorithm based on overlap-sense ratio. By adjusting the sensing directions of the nodes, the coverage area is increased with the reduction of complexity.(More)
Feature selection is a fundamental problem in data mining, especially for high level dimensional datasets. Feature selection is a process commonly used in machine learning, wherein subsets of the features from the original set of features are selected for application of a learning algorithm. The best subset contains the minimum number of dimensions(More)