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We carried out MRI on 16 male and three female comatose patients, aged 2 days to 79 years, with suspected cortical ischaemia referred from our intensive care units. Using a head coil, and following standard imaging, including coronal fluid-attenuated inversion-recovery images, we performed diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) using a whole-brain multislice(More)
Diffusion-weighted MR imaging (DWI) is particularly sensitive for the detection of acute stoke. Until recently, DWI was performed with EPI technology. We compared 18 patients with clinical suspicion of acute stroke on a standard 1.5T unit and an open low-field MR scanner. Eighteen patients with 20 lesions of acute stroke were studied retrospectively with(More)
We wished to measure the absorbed radiation dose during fluoroscopically controlled vertebroplasty and to assess the possibility of deterministic radiation effects to the operator. The dose was measured in 11 consecutive procedures using thermoluminescent ring dosimeters on the hand of the operator and electronic dosimeters inside and outside of the(More)
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